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: D Yep! Finally renamed. Uhh, more proper update coming later.

144 Icons
Fire Emblem
- 6 Haar
- 4 Ike
Fullmetal Alchemist
- 11 HughesxRoy
Metal Gear Solid
- 4 (Young) Ocelot
- 2 SnakexOtacon
- 1 LiquidxSnake
- 5 Snake
- 18 Naked SnakexOcelot
Phoenix Wright
- 20 Godot
- 27 GodotxPhoenix
- 14 EdgeworthxPhoenix
- 6 Phoenix
Tales of the Abyss
- 3 Dist the Reaper
- 1 Guy
- 5 Jade
- 1 JadexDist
- 3 Gwen
- 2 Ianto
- 9 Jack
- 1 Jack/Ianto

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- Some icons use textures by spooky_window, and Azureluck.
- Screen caps for Torchwood were found at The Institute
- All others are from unknown sources. Will credit/remove if asked.
- Comments and credit are not neccessary, but highly appreciated.
- Enjoy~

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It seems icon-making is quite an addictive thing to do whilst bored (Especially if you've found a ridiculous amount of screen caps XD; ). I have several different fandoms to post for, but they're on a CD somewhere, salvaged from my laptop and... I'm lazy? XD;

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- Comments/credit are both highly appreciated, but not necessary.
- Screenshots from: here, here, and other misc. sources.
- Some icons use textures by spooky_window

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Title: Temptation
Series: Gankutsuou
Pairing: Franz x Albert (One-sided)
Rating: PG-13, to be safe.
Description: Set pre-series. Albert has a bit too much wine and Franz is given a bit too much time to think. Temptation sets in despite his best efforts.
Notes: Ah, I have not written a fan fiction in… quite sometime, so apologies if this isn’t all that great. Also first time writing Franz… I feel far more comfortable with Albert, I think. ^^; This is only one chapter long and there probably won’t be anymore unless someone actually cares to see more of it, haha.

Even in his wildest dreams, Franz had never dared to entertain the thought of touching him...Collapse )</div>

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Decided to post some more of my rather poor icons. Mostly, these were made for an RP journal so they're of the Count, but there are a few others scattered about. ^^ Hope whoever looks enjoys. ♥

Gankutsuou icon postCollapse )

- Credit and comments are appreciated, but not necessary. Just take and enjoy. ♥
- Screen caps were taken from http://anime.akichigo.org/gankutsuou/

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I've recently tried my hand at icon-making again. Not the most talented at it, but it is a rather fun past time.^^ Besides, since I have a paid account, it seems silly to let it go to waste by not taking advantage of the extra icon space, eh? (laughs)

[16] Tales of the Abyss -

  • [08] Jade Curtiss

  • [05] Jade/Guy
  • [01] Peony/Jade

  • [01] Jade/Dist
  • [01] Guy/Luke

[15] Fullmetal Alchemist

  • [07] Ed/Al
  • [06] Hughes/Roy
  • [01] Al
  • [01] Ed

Total Count: 31
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Thanks to anyone who looks/comments. Means a lot. ♥

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